Editor Note: While I do not agree with the conclusions from the author of the referce site, I do believe this info is relevant.


1882 West Virginia, Brewersville: The remains of a giant human in a sitting position with artifacts of stone and flint were discovered near White Day Creek.

1883 Minnesota, Warren: Ten skeletons of both sexes and of gigantic size were taken from a mound.

1883 North Dakota, Mandan: A cemetery of over 100 acres filled with bones of a giant race was discovered.

1883 Ohio, Marion County: During general construction projects in the area giant human skeletons were unearthed.

1883 Ohio, Brown County: In ancient settlement sites remains of giant humans among the fromer residents of normal stature.

1884 West Virginia, Kanawha County: A skeleton 7 feet 6 inches long was found in a massive stone structure that was likened to a temple chamber within a mound.

1885 Pennsylvania, Gasterville: A large mound contained a vault in which was found a skeleton measuring 7 feet 2 inches. Inscriptions were carved on the vault.

1886 Pennsylvania, Ellisburg: An 8 foot skeleton was discovered.

1886 New York: Dozens of human skeletons were discovered with oddly shaped skulls avearging 7 feet in height

1886 Illinois: A number of large skeletons were found in Logan County and artifacts showing a degree of advancement much higher that the native population had attained.

1887 Wisconsin, Le Crescent: Bones of giant humans were discovered in burial mounds.

1888 Ohio, Toledo: 20 skeletons were discovered with jaws and teeth twice as large as those of normal humans

1888 Minnesota, St. Paul: The remains of seven skeletons 7 to 8 feet tall were discovered.

1890 Tennessee, Roane County: A giant skeleton was discovered measuring over 7 feet tall.

1891 Illinois, Dunleith: Members of the Bureau of Ethnology of the Smithsonian Institution discovered a large skeleton between 7 and 8 feet tall.

1891 Arizona, Crittenden: A giant was unearthed and a huge stone coffin that had evidently once held the body of a man 12 feet tall. A carving on the granite case indicated that he had six toes.

1892 Ohio Proctorville: From the Ironton Register, “Where Proctorville now stands was one day part of a well paved city, but I think the greater part of it is now in the Ohio river [sic]. Only a few mounds, there; one of which was near the C. Wilgus mansion and contained a skeleton of a very large person, all double teeth, and sound, in a jaw bone that would go over the jaw with the flesh on.”

1894 Illinois, Pike County: In a conical shaped mound a skeleton over 7 feet tal was found.

1895 Ohio, Toledo: A mound held 20 skeletons, seated and facing east “twice as large as those of present day people.”

1896 Minnesota, Lake Koronis: The skeleton of a huge man was uncovered. At Moose Island and Pine City, bones of other giants were found.

1897 Ohio, Jackson: A mound on a farm contained a giant skeleton.

1898 Ohio, Lake Erie Islands: Eight skeletons were found near the United States Coast Guard lighthouse, one measuring over seven feet in height.

1911 California, Lovelock Cave: An 8-foot tall, red-haired mummy discovered. This mummy eventually went to a fraternal lodge where it was used for “initiation purposes.

1918 Alton, Illinois: Robert Pershing Wadlow was born, educated and buried in Alton, Illinois. His height of 8′ 11.1″ qualifies him as the tallest person in history, as recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. At the time of his death he weighed 490 pounds. Robert was born on February 22, 1918, and weighed a normal eight pounds, six ounces. He drew attention to himself when at six months old, he weighed 30 pounds. A year later at 18 months, he weighed 62 pounds. He continued to grow at an astounding rate, reaching six feet, two inches and 195 pounds by the time he was eight years old.

1923 Arizona, Grand Canyon: The bodies of two petrified human beings 15 and 18 feet in height were discovered.

1931 Nevada, Lovelock: Large skeletons were found in the Humboldt lakebed. One measured 8 1/2 feet tall and appeared to have been wrapped in a gum-covered fabric similar to Egyptian mummies. Another skeleton was almost 10 feet long.

1932 New Mexico, White Sands: Supervisor of the Lincoln National Park, Ellis Wright, found human tracks in the gypsum rock 22 inches long and from 8 to 10 inches wide. The prints were human in origin due to the outline of the perfect prints coupled with a readily apparent instep.

1939 Nevada, Lovelock: A 7-foot 7-inch skeleton was found.

1947 California, Death Valley: The skeletons of nine foot tall humans were found.

1965 Kentucky, Holly Creek: Kenneth White dug a “perfectly preserved skeleton” from under a large rock ledge along Holly Creek which measured 8 feet, 9 inches in length when reassembled. He states, “the arms were extremely long and the hands were large. The skull was “30 inches in circumference. The eye and nose sockets were slits rather than cavities, and the area where the jawbone hinges to the skull was solid bone.

  • Buffalo Bill Cody spoke of Sioux Indians who told about giants that ran down the buffalo.
  • Some time in the late 19th century, giants with double rows of teeth, red hair, and skulls 3 to 6 times the size of normal humans were discovered on Catalina Island in California.
  • The Algonquin have stories of giant, bearded men who first occupied their native lands.
  • The Cherokee speak of giants who were twice as tall as the Cherokee and also about a great hunter of giant stature named Tsul´ kalu.

References from here:http://www.bibleufo.com/humanphenom8.htm


  1. glen

    my research has brought me here. the bible speaks of Nephilim,Goliath,and in the books of Numbers and Exodus. earlier today i was searching ancient gold mines,due to stories of the Annunaki,using races of people to mine gold. it sems that the regions of giant skeleton findings,coincides with gold mines and other minerals. why in the book of Genesis,is gold just thrown in, In ch2vrs12. in the following verses rivers are mentioned. on maps of ancient gold mines, these rivers are very close. in other parts of the world,gold mines and these giant remains coincide also. am i wrong to beleive that these giants were on a deffinate search for gold. Novice as i am to archaeology,and a theologin im not,it does seem that there is more to all of this. this Summerian culture is intriuging me,then the Annunaki were entered into it. which all started with why the Mayans predicted the things they predicted. Nibiru or planet-x,comes up with most of these searches. more answers and information is needed or craved now, are these beings returning for all the GOLD that has been collected over this past 3600 year period? Genesis called them “Sons of God” the Sumerians called them Annunaki, Mayans had a name also. any new info would be nice. thanks to anyone who can help

  2. Jim

    Good list there of the giant reports.

    Skeletons of giant size have been found in the Mediterranean coast from Spain, France, to Italy and the Near East dating from the Neolithic to historic periods–some of these are the giants of Canaan written of by the Hebrews. Most of these were in the realm of 2 to 2 1/2 meters, about 7 to 8 feet, although credible reports exist of skeletons exceeding 9 and 10 feet (3 m):

    Spain: Prullans, Garos, Urbasa, Medinaceli, Girona
    France: Castelnau, Montpellier, Lozere, Carnac, Gap
    Italy: Sassari,, Mazzara, Agrigento, Barma Grande
    Caucasus: Borjomi, Udabno, Gora Kazbek, Black Sea Coast
    Turkey: Dogubayazit, Erzurum, Kizilcahamam
    Syria: Homs, Urum as Sughra
    Israel: Atlit, Tell Gezer
    Jordan: Tell es Saidiyeh

    Many other locations can be listed.

  3. Jim

    The largest bones attributed to human giants which I have so far uncovered in a science journal (La Nature, vol. 18, 1890) with photographic evidence of the limbs, are those of Castelnau, France, unearthed in the Bronze age cemetery in 1890. The anatomical features are so large, double the width and length, that the height of the person was cautiously estimated to have reached between 3 and 3 1/2 meters, or about 10 to 11 feet.

    Another giant was unearthed in 2008 at Borjomi, Georgia. The early news reports had reported this giant as having stood an estimate 2 1/2 to 3 meters when alive, although the lead archaeologist has since stated that this man was something over 2 meters — or approx 7 feet. The photo of the bones and skull certainly suggest a man of at least that size, since the femur is almost a third larger than the normal one next to it in the photograph:


    But traditionally, scientists are more prone to under-estimate the height of a giant, than to over-estimate. Take for example the giant man of the Barma Grande cave, near the seacoast of the Franco-Italian border. The giant skeleton was found in 1892, measured in natural position it was 7 feet 6 inches from toe to the top of the skull as measured by M. Abbo. The femur of the giant was 22 inches long, and measured in situ, from heal to shoulder the giant was 6 feet 1 inch– clearly a massive man. So massive indeed that many anthropologists had concluded that the giant when living was an easy 7 foot tall– others were eager to downsize him, and declared he was not in fact a giant, but simply a 6 ft 4 inch tall man. Hmm… I wonder how many other giants have been downsized throughout the century? For the record, a femur that is 22 inches long is proportionate for a man who is at least 6 ft 8 1/2, but more likely about 7 feet.

  4. B Miller

    Quartette Mine-Searchlight, Nevada.1906
    There were mummies found at 425 ft in the gold mine. The miners broke thought to discover a 25ft room with 2- 7ft. tall
    mummies. One male and one female, blond hair. By the time management heard about it, all the artifacts had been stolen by the miners. It was said there were hieroglyphs covering the room. They were taken back east and displayed in a small museum in Boston. There was no entrance or exit in the chamber where they were found?

  5. Book of enoch

    Dear all,
    please go to YouTube and look at this video. It is about time you learned from LOST book of ENOCH ,which is found now,who realy the giants are and what happened to them. Get ready for the shock of the truth. Spread the link and FOUND out the about the the hidden truth banned from churches since hundred of years.
    And god bless you all.

  6. Book of enoch

    the book of enoch is all about the fallen angeles and giants. The fallen angeles ,married human girls and they gave birth to GIANTS. I suggest you listen to the audio and see how they have tried to keep things in secret for years 😦

    • Anonymous

      I have read the book of Enoch. i too believe this lost book has been kept hidden for numerous reasons. the Book of ,ENOCH,has more prophecy for our future than Revelations,and Daniel. try reading ” There Were Giants Upon the Earth..by Zacaria Sitchin. he is very adept at translation of the Sumerrian cuneiform .

  7. patricia

    I find that there is much more reading and decifering in finding the truth…so far there is not much truth telling going on…this information is not new…people just havnt been paying much attention to it…why? Mostly for reason that the bible has not been read by 99℅ of the population…but I gather at least 75% of the population has read the Harry Potter books! I am not one of them). Not because I don’t find them interesting, merely for reason that I am still reading and rereading the bible book! Back to GIANTS……WHO WERE THEY? THEY ARE GIANTS! WHERE ARE THEY FROM? EVERYWHERE! WHY WERE THEY HERE? THEY WERE CREATED! WHAT DID THEY LOOK LIKE? NO BODY REALLY KNOWS! WHAT YEAR WERE THE GIANTS INHABITANTS? IF YOU BELIEVE IN CARBON DATING? THEN YOU MIGHT KNOW SOMEDAY! I myself do not believe in carbon dating as being a science to determine age..If that were a true science, that would mean the science of carbons releasing back into the atomosphere, as living things return to dust, all that’s left is dust..Maybe they have a collection of aged samples in small containers that they compare to determine this? Idk….I urge to look at the family genetics and geneology in our living world of people and trace the genetic similarities so we can gather our ancient ansestors and family members from these mounds and ditches and place them in a nice cemetery were we can give them headstones and visit them to learn the truth about our history along side the soldiors cememtaries in the united states! Cause one day someone will find a pile of there bones too! Being most of our soldiers never return home or are said to be POW!!! CONSIDER THIS!!!!! GIANTS ARE POW!!!

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