Suppressed Archeological Information and Metaphysical Paradox ?

Barry McEwen
Phoenix, Arizona

November 30, 2000

On April 5th, 1909, there appeared a front page story in the Arizona Gazette. It told of an archeological expedition in the heart of the Grand Canyon funded by the Smithsonian Institute. (a full transcription of the article can be found at: It is a rich story of finding a labyrinth of man-made tunnel systems high above the Colorado River, a virtual citadel filled with ancient artifacts, hieroglyphs, armor, statues of deities and even mummies. Anyone contacting the Smithsonian Institute will receive a polite “no records found” reply to an inquiry about their supposed role in the Grand Canyon.

The following narration shows how I came to be convinced of an exact location in the Grand Canyon that is a key to this story (regardless of whether the newspaper article is a hoax or not), and contains mathematical proof. This story also reveals an ancient cartographic code that led me to this conclusion, and the meaningful coincidences that unfolded as I pursued this mystery. The location is known as “Isis Temple” and is paramount in a well kept secret that is just now being uncovered in ways far richer and more important than material wealth. The cherished gem of Arizona, the Grand Canyon, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, contains a legacy and a link to a history known only by a few; suppressed not only by greed and politics, but by a forgotten code hidden right beneath our very feet. It is all beginning to come to light now.


I first came across the information about the newspaper article in 1998 via the www. To satisfy my curiosity, I went to the Phoenix Public Library, found the article on microfilm and made a few photo copies of it. I didn’t give it too much thought at the time, other than mentioning it from time to time to people who attend free speaking engagements and classes I offer. As a 30 year independent researcher in the field of sacred geometry, (sometimes known also as hyper-dimensional geometry, living geometry, and alchemical geometry) and other related subjects, I found the topic relating to Egypt synchronistic, since a lot of my studies revolved around the ancient schools of thought and geometry of sacred sites and temples of Egypt. Like others, I thought it was rather odd, if indeed the article was not a hoax, that evidence of ancient Egyptians would be found in Arizona, of all places!…..

After all, the Egyptians did not explore the Americas, everyone knew that, and it was not taught in any school. We thought this also of the ancient Romans, until ancient Roman headgear, armor, swords, coins and other artifacts were found just North of Tucson, not far from Interstate 10 !

Now that the subject has come up about suppressed information, if indeed that is what it is, there is a well researched book of 914 pages by Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson titled Forbidden Archeology, which can open anyone’s’ third eye to a history of mankind that has never been taught, except in those ‘mystery schools’ so well cloaked in myth, secrecy and ridicule. Some good information can be found by searching the archives of also.

Then in October of 2000 I came upon a another web site that had lots of information and photos of Egyptian hieroglyphs found a hundred years ago in Australia ! The hieroglyphs were on the stone wall next to a cave entrance, and told of ancient Egyptian explorers getting lost and stranded, left to die in Australia. (see:

At around the same time I happened to read in a book titled Ancient Secret of The Flower of Life, Vol. II, page 302, the story of two backpackers who ventured into the Grand Canyon. What they claimed to have found first, while on their way to a location known as Isis Temple, (see photo at: [Link broken, see: was a rather large pyramid made from the native rock. Once at Isis Temple, at an elevation of about 800 feet, they claimed to have seen several cave entrances, just as reported in the newspaper article. They also noticed that they all seemed to be sealed shut or destroyed, as if to keep everyone out. (the question here arises, why deliberate sealing of caves in such a remote, hard to access, area?) Because they were also expert rock climbers, they climbed the 800 feet to the most promising looking cave entrance. Upon reaching the entrance they discovered that it too had been sealed off several feet in with native rock. They did notice, however, that the entrance seemed to be man made and that there was a 6 foot circular pattern clearly hewn into the ceiling. This story was told to the author of the book, and from the context of the material presented in the book and from the nature of the author’s character, of whom I am familiar, I could not for the life of me imagine why such a story would be fabricated and told to him unless it were absolutely true.

And yet, Isis Temple (which can be seen from the South Rim visitors areas) is at least 40 miles from the location given in the newspaper article. So, if the newspaper article was not a hoax, and Isis Temple was the real location, the other location could have been misinformation to keep people away. Then again, if the newspaper article was a hoax, what then had the two backpackers stumbled upon ? And why were extremely remote cave entrances sealed ?

A question arises here also: why are there so many geographical locations in the Grand Canyon named after Egyptian and Hindu deities?

Then, approximately two weeks later, on October 13, channel 10 (one of our local t.v. stations), did a short segment on their weekly t.v. news magazine show about the 1909 article and some local people actively looking for it out at the Canyon. I contacted the producer of the segment and left my name and phone number, telling him to give it to a couple of the people he had interviewed, as I could supply them with this information regarding Isis Temple. At the very least they could go with good telescopes and look for cave entrances from the Rim to confirm their existence. Simple.

As of yet no one has called me back.

I plan to check the condition and strength of my old telescope and go there myself soon. A severely damaged disc in my back prevents me from an actual backpacking trip to Isis Temple, as the trip is extremely arduous and requires at least six days of backpacking in some of the most challenging terrain on the planet.

The next thing I did was call the “Back Country” information line (520-638-7875) at the Grand Canyon, where permits are bought for backpacking and extended hikes, both on and off trails. The lady was very talkative, polite and helpful. She even suggested two books I should read on possible routes to Isis Temple since there are no trails to it. Then I casually brought up the subject of possibly exploring caves I had heard about at Isis Temple and asked her if she could confirm their existence. Her reply was a simple, but emphatic “NO”. Then a long pause. Then very curtly she said the Park Dept. was about to engage in a Canyon-wide research project into the bat population and habitation, to make sure they were not being endangered. Everyone was to stay out of caves she said. That ended our conversation. Interesting, but not conclusive.

More here:


  1. David Lamb

    I don know why people dont get the fact that the old world had ships and boats that would make it any where….After all they all got off Noahs ark…DUh

    I believe the Phanician pirates and many other had explored and had trading routes all over ther Americas including Joseph of Aramathea….They teach us some other bs in school that is a watered down version of the truth …its all BS…. Keep spreading the truth you are perfectly sane and right. I like Ancient American…..give me some feed back


  2. Anytime you want to go check out the caves and need someone to cover you back, I’m ready to go with you. We need to find the real truth to our country’s history and put an end to cover-ups by the secretive black ops gov.
    I heard of this story long ago by my father and also another one he read about in a newspaper many years ago in New Jersey when he was young. Years later after that he was in Florida and met a person from the area mentioned in the article. The man said yes it’s true but the area is off limits to the public and there are signs stating that trespassers would be shot.
    The area I’m talking about is a cave that was discovered in Nevada with 2 people about 7 ft tall, albinos with blonde hair and blue eyes. Also in the cave were other items that seemed to be unknown as to what they were at that time.
    Sounds like a great story and as a kid I loved to hear these things. Now I have learned about the AZ Gazette story so I don’t doubt the one in Nevada.
    I have read everything I can find about these mysterious findings and can’t seem to get anything conclusive on these issues. I think the only way now is to go myself and find out first hand. I’m not worried about the ghost that haunt these places or the gov. that have set up limits to get to them.
    You have my email and I’m ready to ge at the drop of a hat.


  3. Jason

    Hello Webmaster!

    Have you gotten to go out to the Canyon yet? I’ve been researching this for the past few months and I am planning a trip there. I’m a very experienced backpacker/mountain climber and plan on taking a “stroll” around. I’m be interested in meeting up within someone as knowledgeable on the subject as yourself.

  4. Ed

    Hi — thanks for a fascinating article. A few quick things:

    1.) The author of the “Egypt in Australia” article has discovered that the hieroglyphs were etched into the rock in the 80’s: “It must be noted that the Hieroglyphics mentioned here are believed now to be the work of an ‘elderly yugoslavian gentleman’ caught in the act by Gosford Park Rangers in the early ’80s.” (

    2.) Barry Fell of Harvard wrote a fascinating book detailing Celtic artifacts in North America called America B.C.

    3.) Could you quote sources for some of the things you say — especially a source for the Roman artifacts near Tuscon?

    Again — thanks for a fascinating piece. ~Ed

  5. Endza50

    Talk about much that we don’t know. Yes I saw many articles about Grand Canyon linked to ancient egypt!
    Remember folks there is never SMOKE without FIRE!
    How much more there is ,that we are not told.

  6. Nathan Taylor

    Hi my name is Nathan and from what I have just read from what you have published I believe that the temple is real. I am a 21 years old and I to believe in a lot of treasure where no one want to get there or they don’t want it. I would love to prove you right and if given the chance I’d love to help you prove that this cave is true. I want to be a treasure hunter and I have other spots to treasure if you would like I hear but please write me back. I don’t mind doing challenging stuff I do them all the time but if u would like help I’d love to help prove that your right. Thank you for your time

  7. gary

    egypt in australia, this tomb was first found in the 1930’s then again in the 60’s it is real and is now buried and hidden. as for other evidence people have found scarab beetles up and down the east coast 2000yo greek and ptolemaic coins even a jade ankh at murgon in 1964 and don’t forget the gympie pyramid and the egyptian mine found near there. i remember a few years ago they said there was australian gold in king tut’s burial mask also they used eucalyptus oil in the embalming process.

  8. Judy Fine

    Hey people…don’t you get it? if the temple is real (and I believe it most certainly is) the reason it has been suppressed and ignored and is now under wraps is because ..think about this….at the time (1909) think about how the native American indians were being treated…..Europeans stole literally EVERYTHING they had, including their very culture….the powers that be…then and still now…simply COULD NOT AFFORD to allow the Indians the fact they were very probably the direct descendants of those amazing Egyptian people…how could they? That would confound everything the country had done to them and upset the history and culture of this country to an unbelievable degree…! think about that….I am quite sure this is the real reason….so far no one has said that, but I picked up on it from an article on another website

    Judy October 2014

  9. Anonymous

    Native American’s, Eskimos, Egyptians share the same root. We are not the savage ones. Different in colour we still accept all colours of the rainbow. Descendant of Crazy Horse.

    • Plains Indian

      I believe in the caves,the comment about what they did to Native Americans is right on the money. If u want further info.,look up Burrows Cave,in Southern Illinois,first reported as hoax,now they aren’t so sure it was. I believe it all!

      • Plains Indian

        Oh!,Let’s not forget our biggest pyramid,Cahokia,and also that pyramid at the bottom of Rock Lake in Wisconsin that has never been explained!

  10. Richard

    People don’t like being caught lying, or loss of reputation or influence. There are many who believe whole heartedly that they are better than smarter than and more capable than the average person and so use their power to control all we see hear and believe as true using every means possible they have. They think for us and we let them. In most cases it’s not worth fighting them. However, there are times when we ‘ slaves of the powerful’ start to get smart. Led by people who’s curiosity has gotten them opening minds with what they discover that goes against the STAUS QUO.
    Those two words. Need to be blocked from all our minds because those two words make us blind to what is really going on. Keeps us from questioning things told to us that don’t quite ring true in our conscious or sub conscious minds. That little voice that’s there saying. WHAT! HOW, WHEN WHERE WHO and other things that those don’t cover.
    GIANTS! Written about in one of the great books of books. Everyone thought them myths or old tales. They surely couldn’t have REALLY existed.
    Aliens couldn’t have come here and created man in his image!! Blasphemy! Until the status quo got kicked to the curb by the finding of the
    Remains of giant beings. In order to restore the status quo those SMARTER THAN US GUYS destroyed all knowledge they could find and spread falsehoods and kept pounding them into our heads until the falsehoods became to be thought of as truth and the STATUS QUO was restored.
    Only for so long can lies hold up w/o being
    Then in China quests what they found? The remains of GIANTS! So much for status quo!
    Another is no one is ever taken by aliens!
    I just read yesterday that in almost ever case of people saying they were abductef that they
    All had RH neg. blood. Only 15% of the population has it. It and they don’t fit the status quo by far.
    Aliens are real! That is the TRUTH! Whether you want to believe it or not. How blinded can
    you be to keep being part of the status quo?
    The UNITED STATES is close to blowing
    the lid off a whole range of STATUS QUOS. Perhaps violently! I hope not!
    It is long overdue for those who think they are
    untouchables to find out that the gig is up!
    If you see BUDDHA walking in the street
    kill it because it can’t be true. Then again, it could be. Question, think for yourself, don’t
    just believe everything you are told question it all. NAMASTE!

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