Egomaniac Thug Cop Assaults 14 Year Old Kid

“Don’t call him “dude” or he may “kill you”

      Steve Watson
Tuesday, Feb 12, 2008

Is it a man? Is it a dude? No, it’s officer Rivieri of the Baltimore Police Department who is the latest small membered thug cop to believe that it is his duty to go around bullying and wrestling discipline into innocent children.

Unfortunately for this PC podge, he is also the latest cop caught on camera and made famous by Youtube.

On the video, the officer, Salvatore Rivieri, puts the boy in a headlock, pushes him to the ground, questions his upbringing, threatens to “smack” him and repeatedly accuses the youngster of showing disrespect because the youth refers to the officer as “man” and “dude.” reports the Baltimore Sun.

“I’m talking to you, can you hear me? Don’t get defensive with me son, cos you’ll spend some time in juvenile.” Rivieri yells.

“OK, i didn’t hear you.” 14 year old Eric Bush replies.

“Don’t get defensive with me, you backed off me, i’m not your father, you keep that attitude for your father, you give it to me, I’ll smack you upside the head.” Rivieri fires back.

As young Eric tries to respond, Rivieri loses it “SHUT YOUR MOUTH, I’M TALKING” he bawls, clearly frightening the boys as one of them tell Eric to stop answering back.

Rivieri then marches over to Eric and grabs at his skateboard while wrestling him to the floor by the neck.

“SIT DOWN, I AM NOT A DUDE” the portly enforcer cries.

Skateboarding AND calling an officer “dude”, young Eric certainly does seem to be the scourge of decency and a potential Al Qaeda member.

“I didn’t do anything” the child pleads.

“When I’m talking to you, you shut your mouth and listen. First of all you disrespected me, my badge and this department.”

No Salvatore, I think you did a pretty good job of that all by yourself.

“Obviously, your parents don’t put a foot in your butt quite enough, because you don’t understand the meaning of respect. First of all, you better learn how to speak. I’m not ‘man.’ I’m not ‘dude,’ I am Officer Rivieri. The sooner you learn that, the longer you are going to live in this world. Because you go around doing this kind of stuff and somebody is going to kill you.” Rivieri froths.

Rivieri addresses the person with the camera, saying, “You got that camera on? If I find myself on … ” The video cuts off before Rivieri finishes his sentence.

Watch the video:

The video was posted on YouTube on Saturday but probably was made late last summer, according to the Police Department. Rivieri, who has been suspended pending review, has refused to comment.

Last Summer a similarly podgy officer was suspended in Hot Springs, Arkansas after an almost identical incident involving a group of 13 year old kids skateboarding down the street and minding their own business.

Officer Joey Williams was investigated after the incident was captured and posted on YouTube, revealing that in his thuggish outrage Williams had grabbed one of the youths in a choke hold, forcing him to the ground, while later chasing and wrestling two others, including a young girl whom he then applied a headlock to.

watch the video:

“When I tell you to stop and you tell everybody to keep going, that’s fleeing, that’s disorderly conduct, that’s a violation of city ordinance,” Williams is heard saying in the video.

Williams also threatened one of teens laying on the ground that he’d spray him with pepper spray if he moved.

Of course after the dust had settled Williams was cleared of any wrongdoing by an internal review board and went back to policing the vicious streets of Hot Springs, protecting the public from deadly 13 year old skateboarders.

What was it that made officer Rivieri snap? What made him so desperate to exercise his masculinity by beating up on kids? Maybe it was it the fact that he has to wear an outfit that wouldn’t look out of place on a circus clown, or perhaps it was having to drive around in a loaf of bread on wheels that pushed him over the edge?

Joking aside, a cursory search on Youtube reveals that this type of incident is commonplace. When will one of these egomaniac thugs be made an example out of? When will these fools realize that a badge does not give them the right to go around choking out kids?

Cops like Rivieri and Williams, acting as if they are gods , epitomize the slide toward the police state society and they smear the name every other good cop out there.

It is high time that other cops and city officials move to set the precedent to eradicate these thugs from what is supposed to be our primary public service.

Authorities have begun an internal-affairs investigation into Rivieri, but no doubt that means they will wait until the matter dies down before quietly reinstating the rotund trooper.

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