By: Devvy
February 11, 2008
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Full Article:  http://www.newswithviews.com/Devvy/kidd341.htm 

1 – McCain’s Bill to improve health care…in Mexico!

2 – Here is the Real John McCain

3 – US candidate McCain, Republican front-runner, suggests `new global order’ for       democracies

4 – Agreement Amongst ‘Men of Honor’ Honored

5 – Video: Ron Paul at recent CPAC convention

6 – The very dangerous Hillary Clinton

7 – Video: Ron Paul takes on Laura Ingram

8 – Hillary’s Curious Campaign Loan

9 – Does The Brownshirt Party Have Aces Up Its Sleeve?

10 – The Right Argument on Taxes

11 – Why an income is not necessary to fund the federal government

12 – Stop spreading the big lie: America is not a democracy

13 – Giuliani Admits Ron Paul Won All The Debates

14 – Ron Paul Endorsed By Alabama Republican Assembly

15 – (Guess their endorsement meant nothing)

16 – FOX News “Most Ron Paul Supporters Are Not Rational”

17 – White House bought by big money (No mention of Ron Paul)

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