What Else Is “Behind the Veil in Washington DC?” (Part One

(and worse, what if Tom Horn is right?)
Part One
Sue Bradley
October, 2007

“Let not the dead live, let not the giants rise again…” (Isaiah 26.14)

The concept of the existence of a bizarre race of giants, the Nephilim, being the progeny of actual “fallen angels,” and earthly women is considered to be a stretch of Genesis 6 by most of mainstream Christianity.

This same concept has not however escaped contemporary mainstream culture which appears to be on a spiritual quest and the Bible is not the exclusive source of unusual documentation.

With a torrent of recent fiction and non-fiction literature, television, video games and movies, these nasty angels are hot – and not in a hellfire and brimstone concept. They have “fathered” an entire meta-media frenzy focusing on the blending of a transdimensional spirit realm with our physical world, and the possible implications.

These interests are finding expression in previously diverse but increasingly bizarre cultures from the primal to the ultra-sophisticate. If art does indeed reflect life/culture, then Americans is, progressive.

In April, 2007, The Washington Post featured the details of one of the newer undertakings to celebrate American aesthetics and a ‘new’ tolerance of‘ enlightenment. In, “Grand Vision for National Harbor Takes Form,” The Post article begins with developer Milt Peterson who, “looks upon the artist renderings of National Harbor with the critical eye of a general. It’s like nothing Washington has ever seen.”

Construction is progressing at the site located in Prince George’s County, Maryland, just south of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. The Washington Post describes “sail-shaped banners” lining the Potomac waterfront and “Stonehenge-like boulders” alternating with “larger-than-life bronze statues along the promenade leading to the water.” The project’s website expects that “entire community will be brought to life throughout the year with festivals, music and more. Even National Harbor’s main thoroughfare, American Way … is being designed as an homage to the American experience.” The centerpiece for the National Harbor had been a “carefully guarded secret” until the Spring of 2007:

“The Awakening” is the one of eight sites under “Parks and Gardens” featured and described on the US Senate’s official webpage. Never seen it or heard of it? From a fact sheet provided at the National Harbor’s website, “The Awakening” was created in 1980 as one of five hundred pieces for the 11th International Sculpture Conference Exhibition. The five part sculpture gives the impression of a “panicked giant trying to pull himself to the surface,” with a “bearded face and a mouth in mid-scream,” according to Wikipedia. At times, “the Potomac River floods the statue, adding to the eeriness as the giant tries to escape the drowning waters.”

The piece has been interred at Hains Point by the National Park Service for 27 years and according to Paula Stoeke, director of the Sculpture Foundation which held title and oversaw maintenance, ‘The Awakening’ “enjoyed a relationship with the community and visitors to Washington over the years.”

According to a letter in which sculptor Johnson wrote to Mr. Patterson, he has, “reviewed the plans made for the location and I think it will be perfect . . . Charlie, as I understand he is now dubbed, should be very happy in his new home.”

Developer Patterson describes his vision: “They’ll be steps going down, and there’ll be Charlie, on the beach.” Other artwork commissioned for the Harbor’s landscape includes statues of Benjamin Banneker, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. “We’re putting something fabulous on the river that says it’s special,” he says. “It’s going to be POW! It’s going to be explosive! We’re going to change Washington.” Indeed.

If the National Harbor is to serve as a warm and fuzzy welcome and expression of 21st century “culture,” many experts would suggest we are in big trouble. What may appear to be evolutionary and spiritual ascent, may well be the summoning of horrific ancient entities.

Employing the perspective of Biblical exegesis, both historic and prophetic, and incorporating extensive collections of ancient and modern records and research, an unusual synthesis emerges: could the ancient ‘mythical’ gods and giants actually have existed?

Author, researcher and theologian Thomas Horn cites precedence and questions the classical approach to these ‘lesser gods’ suggesting these ‘heroes of old’ were actually a chimerical terrestrial presence.

As radical as this position might appear, Tom Horn is not alone. Documentation of significant ancient anthropogenic excavations are confirming the existence of “larger than life” civilizations characterized by extraordinarily erudite intellect, exceptional physical capabilities and disquieting spiritual acumen.

In increasing numbers researchers and scholars are challenging formalistic education’s disregard of diffusionist history. They feel that academicians have neglected significant evidence and been dismissive of any effort to examine or authenticate an enormous volume of collaborative evidence. This posture eliminates an enormous quantity of paleo and anthropologic evidence thus failing to adequately address thousands of ‘mysterious’ sites, ‘legends’ and other vestiges of historic importance. Predisposition repudiates serious scholarship and contaminates subsequent examination.

Says Dr. Horn, “The book of Job may elucidate this idea when it says, “Dead things are formed from under the waters. . . .” (Job 26.5). The dead in this text are Rephaim and the phrase “are formed” is from “chuwl”, meaning to twist or whirl as in a double helix coil or genetic manufacturing.”

We live in a philosophical and spiritual climate stimulated by seeds of conspiracy and watered by revisionist history, a grand sweep from The DaVinci Code to ABC Family Channel’s “Fallen,” to the Mayan Calendar and 2012. There is a desperate need for pragmatism and uniformity but always the underlying possibility of hip market capitalization and purposeful disinformation. Can it be that by nourishing this cultural beast and paying “homage” to the American experience we may be harboring formidable – albeit whimsical – talismans? It is a seductive possibility.

In another curious “twist,” an article recently published in The Cincinnati Post, described the “intellectual shock waves” set off within our Age of Enlightenment Founding Fathers when giant animal bones were discovered at Big Bone Lick in northern Kentucky. Interestingly, there were also reports of enormous human bones at the time.

According to the article, Dr. Brenda Hanke, the curator of Invertebrate Paleontology at the Cincinnati Museum Center, had “always thought of Franklin and Jefferson as political figures, not scientists with whom she shared a curiosity and passion to understand the natural world. …. For her, the enduring lesson of Big Bone is the “infectious curiosity” it created among the greatest minds in America. She believes the site and its bones still have the power to inspire people, no matter what their age, to “explore and follow our curiosities, even if we don’t end up writing a Declaration of Independence.”

President FD Roosevelt once said, “In politics, nothing happens by accident.” Perhaps President Woodrow Wilson was more insightful, “Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”


Sue Bradley is a freelance political writer and researcher. Material and articles have been used in The International Jerusalem Post, The Electronic Telegraph, Jane’s Intelligence Group, The EU Observer, Raiders News Update as well as private subscription intelligence newsletters.

Information has been prepared and presentations provided for various US organizations, including DHS, European and other International Governmental agencies, for support documentation, group briefings and background information.


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“There are spiritual waves of influence and power.” Russ Dizdar, “Demonizing Genetics” 2007

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