Freedom 101: Arrogance vs. Humility

I do not remember the source for this. I aplogize for that-editor

Social Arrogance is neither here nor there. Human nature being what it is, most of us find ourselves at one time or another believing we’re “better” than the next person in some respect. But opinion is ultimately that—simply opinion.

Political Arrogance is different. Where Social Arrogance is merely annoying, Political Arrogance is deadly. This includes not only the obvious, literal, outright death of Genocide but the less-obvious, “murder in slow-motion” that is Slavery.

When Yahshua (Jesus)  came to Planet Earth on a Mission, it’s no coincidence that He chose Real People—not Aristocrats—as assistants. But Aristocrats were not just useless for that particular Mission, they’re useless for any Mission whatsoever. Aristocrats come not to Serve, but to compel others to serve them instead.

The Political history of humankind has been all about perfecting the sort of institutions that Aristocrat wannabes need in order to do what they came to do. Government—based on made-up law—is the result. But while lots of thinking people probably agree with Jefferson’s observation that “that government is best which governs least,” the startling logical conclusion implicit in it has seemingly yet to dawn on us—that the best possible government is none at all.

The very word “governance” is simply a euphemism for Slavery. It describes a situation in which a small, select group of people is charged with telling all of the rest of us what we must and mustn’t be doing about our own affairs. It’s about control—external control.

But Freedom isn’t being controlled by others. Neither is it the absence of control, better known as Anarchy. Freedom is self-control. It is only through self-control that Real Freedom—self-ownership—becomes possible.

Now, self-control is a pretty tall order—no doubt about that—but it’s well within the capabilities of most people. In fact, all governments—from the worst to the best—already rely on it to a large (and largely uncredited) degree. Imagine what could happen if a set of institutions devoted to supporting self-control were developed to replace those supporting external control for all (not just that minority of us who actually require it).

The absence of Slavery—the absence of Aggression—is not something that ever has occurred or can be expected to occur in an institutional vacuum. We’ve been conditioned to assume that government is somehow the proper home for Slavery’s antidote—Defense—even to the degree that government has achieved a virtual monopoly over it.

But government—an institution built upon coercive, human-invented law—is poorly suited to that particular task. Government does not protect us well from itself. It’s a deeply schizophrenic creation that Defends us on the one hand and commits Aggression against us on the other. The fact that the best governments are vastly superior to the worst ones does nothing to negate its inherent unsuitability to Defense as a general principle.

Defense is properly a job for a new kind of institution that abandons Aggression completely and forever. A Free Society, if such a thing is ever produced, will be one in which Aggression is not tolerated from any quarter—foreign or domestic, public or private.

Aristocrats aren’t likely to be interested in anything like that. The Politically Arrogant have no use for Freedom, and over the centuries have become quite well-organized at opposing anything even approaching it. That means that the Politically Humble are going to have to become much better organized themselves in order for self-ownership ever to become a reality. Freedom is a job for People Power—not like Marxian pseudo-Populism wherein the masses are manipulated and conned—but a real, effective, cooperative effort—an Alliance of the Meek.

Needless to say, there’s a huge gap between Freedom as a distinct possibility and as a done-deal, accomplished fact. Interestingly, many of the people who produced the United States were devout, and could’ve chosen to sit on the couch while Providence brought their dream into being for them. They didn’t. They got up and got busy.

Getting rid of King George was one thing. By world history standards, King George rates as a pretty mild Tyrant. (Much milder than, say, Fidel Castro, in whom so many Hollyweirdos and other Aristocrat types seem so well-pleased.)

But Real Freedom won’t finally be created by overthrowing any King George, but by overthrowing the lawyers—the Barristocracy itself. That will be a truly ardous and protracted undertaking, because it’ll be resisted tooth and nail. If We the People ever manage to prevail at that, we’ll not only have achieved our Freedom at long last, we’ll have earned it!


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