by Mike Temple      8 Feb. 2008

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

One moment the United States is attempting to circumvent rogue terrorist states from obtaining weapons of mass distruction and the next minute the same efforts are accomplishing the exact opposite ends.

Most certainly this is just the beginning. The United States Department of Energy is going to undergo enormous scrutiny from both parties after the New York Times reported United States funds are going to a Russian Installation, which is actively assisting Iran in the proliferation of a nuclear reactor.

So did the United States use foresight in making a decision to fund a Russian nuclear installation? This is a tough question for any child of the Cold War Era. I grew up with the nemesis USSR and Drago, the steroid-enhanced arch rival of Rocky the Americon Icon. I watched the steel curtain fall in college and rejoiced with the rest of the free world at the demise of communism. Now I know the fall of communism led to some freedom and some dictatorship. Some would argue that the dictatorship of Putin is better than the communism that Russia endured for so many years. Touche from my standpoint, and yet does this make us any more safer from a nuclear weapons perspective? Should we be throwing money at a program that very recently housed all that we despised and hated. I’m not a hate monger by any stretch, but just because I make up with a bully doesns’t mean I start buying him guns.

A few years ago while working at a local retail concern, I happened to help a gentleman with his order who happened to be from the Soviet Union. Being the interested and curious type, I asked what brought this chap to the good ole US of A. His response floored me! He said he was retired from the USSR Navy as a ship captain and now was working on a United States Nuclear Ship which was off the Atlantic coast at that time. My head was reeling like one of his ships. Call me paranoid if you want, but that made me feel a bit uncomfortable, as I think it would for many Americans.

In defense of a Switzerland type neutrality approach to foreign affairs, I would say the experience with Osama Bin Laden’s American weapons, and the most recent Iran Nuclear funding debacle, should make us use enhanced forsight in foreign affairs strategy. Maybe a pat on the back and the ‘atta boy’ should replace rifles and nuclear funding. Of course what do I know? I have never sat as Secretary of State or Energy? I’m just the little guy here in Iowa.


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