Misleading Truths/Untruths in the Gaza Strip

Editors note: While I can not say that I am in total agreement with everything that Israel does. I believe that Israel needs to be allowed to deal with their own problems. They have a right  to defend themselves. 

I agree with Ron Paul that if we would stay out of other people’s business many of these conflicts would be resolved. The US’ involvement complicates and ties the hands of the Israeli government to do what is best for their people.

posted: January 23, 2008

 (The following was written by a friend by mine, Delta Vines, and it is taken from her blog. Be sure and check it out for other great postings.)

Various news services (Associated Press, Reuters, etc.) have been reporting on the “desperate plight” of the “Gazans”. Unfortunately, the information they have been writing leaves many questions unanswered….and misleading truths/untruths.

The first of such is the word “Gazans”. There are no people called “Gazans”. This is how the term “Palestinian” came to be. Those who lived in former Palestine were called Palestinian — which was used usually to describe Jews living there. The term now is descriptive of Arabic residents of former Palestine. My, how times have changed.

Similarly, the Gaza Strip used to be home to Jews and Arabs until Israel “disengaged” 2 1/2 years ago. (i.e., forced Jews out of their homes — many remain homeless). Now, the Gaza Strip is referred to as it’s own “state” it seems, and the people are referred to as “Gazans” when they are, in fact, “Palestinians”. It was they who voted in Hamas and the destitution/high inflation prices that Hamas brought with them. Hamas brought something else … rocket attacks on Israel.

These very rocket attacks are one of many reasons Israel has restricted the comings and goings of people in and out of the Gaza Strip. Which brings me to another “misleading truths/untruths” of press reports: Report: Rafah, Gaza Strip – Tens of thousands of ‘Palestinians’ on foot and on donkey carts poured into Egypt from Gaza Wednesday after masked gunmen used land mines to blast down a seven-mile barrier dividing the border town of Rafah. The border breach was a dramatic protest against the closure of the impoverished ‘Palestinian’ territory imposed last week by Israel.

“Masked gunmen” means Hamas. Where did these gunmen get the land mines? No one seems to be asking that question. It had to be a lot of landmines to destroy seven miles of a barrier. For what purpose were these land mines acquired? And how were land mines able to be brought into the Gaza Strip when food and water and other needs are in need? If militants can bring land mines into the Gaza Strip, why can’t they bring in necessities?

Because the hatred and desire to kill Israeli Jews is greater than providing the needs of people. Plus, people in plight makes great press — especially if they are against Israel and the Jews. Report: Jubilant men and women crossed unhindered by border controls over the toppled corrugated metal along sections of the barrier, carrying goats, chickens and crates of Coca-Cola. Some brought back televisions, car tires and cigarettes and one man even bought a motorcycle. Vendors sold soft drinks and baked goods to the crowds.

These are people who are reportedly “impoverished”? They had money for food, for soda, for cigarettes, and for luxuries. Having money for such does not qualify as “impoverished”.

But … wait! They also purchased a motorcycle, car tires, and televisions! The purchase of these items tend to clash with the reports of no gas and no electricity for most of the area. Why in the world, if you have no heat or food or light would you purchase items that cannot run without electricity? How would you purchase them if you are “impoverished”? Perhaps the same way one purchases land mines … whatever is expedient politically and plays to the news media.

Report: Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak told reporters in Cairo his border guards originally had forced back the ‘Gazans’ on Tuesday. “But today a great number of them came back because the ‘Palestinians’ in Gaza are starving due to the Israeli siege,” he said. The ‘Palestinians’ in the Gaza Strip are starving due to the highly inflated prices of food and other items placed there by Hamas leadership. If their leadership cared about them, they’d provide the food at a lesser rate, or free. This is leadership, I remind them, which they and other ‘Palestinians’ voted into power.

The ‘Palestinians’ in the Gaza Strip are starving because their priorities are to purchase munitions and rockets to use against Israel. Their priorities are to use cement to reinforce tunnels they dig to smuggle arms and suicide bombers into Israel. (Israel has found many of these tunnels in the recent past and blew them up).

Israel does not have a siege on the Gaza Strip. Hamas does. Israel is protecting it’s borders. ‘Palestinians’ in the Gaza Strip still hold kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit. ‘Palestinians’ are still shooting rockets into Sderot, Ashkelon, and other Israeli towns.

The world media, the UN and the EU all are yelling about a “humanitarian crisis” in the Gaza Strip — which the ‘Palestinians’ have brought upon themselves.

Where are the cries from such for Israeli Jewish children who endure rocket attacks while they are at school? Where are they when Israeli homes are destroyed? Where are they when an Equadoran kibbutz volunteer is killed by a sniper?

They are right there, to point fingers at Israel. Which brings me to the question: “Are world media, the UN, and the EU complicit in the attacks against Israel?”

When you take away the “misleading truths/untruths” … you bet they are!


  1. Hussien

    First, dont take the word from the mouth of Hosni Mubarak, he is losing ground and soon carpet will be pulled from his underneath, how he lost ground and popularity? thanks to Leveny by implicating him with green signal to bomb Gaza strip.
    Secondly: The world want to align Hamas from the political arena, but this is only a wishful thinking, as Abbas is the ugly face of corruption on the eyes of all Palestinians and if election is held any time from now Hamas will won by a majority.
    Thirdly, The cry will always be there from both sides and it will get bigger when the ground offensives starts and the Israeli army falls one more time, with that comes the shattering of the myth of the Israeli army supremacy which all are hiding behind.
    Fourthly, Iran will come heavily after that psychological kind of win over Israel with it comes Hezbollah.
    The last point Israel will end up dealing with Hamas at the end with Iran and Hezbollah or from tomorrow but without Iran and Hezbollah.

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