Hunter-Killer Nanobots That Will Crawl Around Inside You

 In episode one of Visions of the Future, Kaku introduced the use of small, but intelligent, machines in medicine as a form of ‘ubiquitous computing’. However, where these micro-technologies might monitor health and well-being from outside the body, here Kaku looks at nano-scale robots that would be injected into the bloodstream in order to do a similar job from the inside. In addition such ‘nanorobots’ would also be able to perform additional medical functions, for example, targeted drug-delivery or the detection and removal of cancerous or even pre-cancerous tissues. Commentator Joel Garreau (author of Radical Evolution) refers to these as the first and second generation of biomedical nanobots: the “watchdogs” and the “hunter-killers”. The programme suggests that “in the future swarms of invisible nanorobots might be permanently patrolling our blood system…”

For the rest follow this link:


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